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Jul 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
reported after last friday's shooting. holmes has refused to cooperate. here's manuel gallegus live from aurora, colorado with more. >> reporter: murder suspect james holmes appeared in court this morning for the first time with bright orange-red hair. he seemed to be dozing off at times as the judge advised him of his rights and his alleged crime. suspected gunman james holmes made his first court appearance since the deadly rampage at a colorado movie theater. he was read his rights and asked if he understood why he was in court. >> you shall not harass, molest, intimidate, retaliate against or tamper with any witness to or victim of the acts you are charged with committing. >> reporter: prosecutors were given until next monday to file formal charges. police say holmes shown here in an internet photo on adult friend finder has lawyered up and is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. authorities say it could take months to learn what motivated the attack. the district attorney is considering pursuing the death penalty against holmes. prosecutors will consult with the families of
Jul 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
today. 24-year-old james holmes is facing formal charges connected with the shooting spree that left 12 people dead. ed lawrence now has the latest from centennial, colorado. >> reporter: james holmes is being officially charged with murder be 12 people and injuring 58 others in a shooting rampage during a midnight showing of the new batman movie. during his first court appearance july 23rd, holmes remained silent. some people in the courtroom described him as dazed. legal analysts say holmes's lawyers are likely planning on an insanity defense. >> this is going a case where the focus will be on his mental state during this process in terms of when he is competent to even go through this process now. >> reporter: lawyers are also arguing over a defense motion to find out who leaked information about a packet holmes allegedly sent to a psychiatrist in the university of colorado denver. prosecutors said reports were inaccurate. the defense wants anything holmes sent to his doctor to be blocked from evidence. eleven survivors remain in the hospital, four in critical condition. edward lawre
Jul 20, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, colorado are trying to navigate through jamie holmes' home. at least 12 people are dead and over 50 are injured in a shooting. among those hurt is a 3-month- old baby. police say 24-year-old holmes walked into the theater and started firing. here's what witnesses had to say about the horror inside that theater. >> he was just in a black gas mask and all black. besides that -- [ inaudible ] >> he took a gun and pointed it straight to my face. he was literally three feet away from me. he was wearing a gas mask and he looked like he was from a s.w.a.t. team or something. i was just terrifed. i didn't know what to do. i jumped forward into the aisle and curled into a ball and waited for him to go up the stairs. >> there was a break. stuck my head up. caught a glimpse of him, the main silhouette and he started shooting again. >> none of us knew what was going on. at that point there's a large crowd in front of the theater and everybody started sprinting away from the theater. >> president obama cut his florida campaign swing short after hearing about the massacre in fort myers, florida.
Jul 16, 2012 12:00pm EDT
of an actress whose career spanned more than half a century. stage and screen star celeste holmes found fame on broadway in oklahoma and she won an oscar in 1947 for her portrayal of a lonely secretary in gentlemen's agreement. holmes appeared in another son returns and the king and i. she fell ill a couple of weeks ago after a fire occurred in the manhattan apartment building where she lived. celeste holmes was 95 years old >>> a violent landslide was caught on tape. cameras were rolling on the second landslide in johnson's landing, british columbia. crews were there because four people were buried by a slide that happened earlier. right now crews are using search dogs looking for victims. at least three homes were crushed. >>> and in northern poland an amateur photographer captured this deadly tornado in action. one person was killed when the twister touched down yesterday. >>> coming up next, annie has the forecast. >> reporter: j.c., it is humid out here and is heating up once again with even hotter temperatures coming this way. also i have been sneezing lately. i'm happy to report that
Jul 24, 2012 12:00pm EDT
for the defense may be allowed inside today. james holmes' dense attorney asked the judge for ak to the theater as -- access to the theater as well as his apartment. the public defender is now expected to request a mental health examination for holmes before he's formally charged. a makeshift memorial outside the theater finishes to grow. people have been leaving flowers and notes for the victim. >> i can't help but cry. >> reporter: plans for the first funeral from this tragedy are already under way but stories of those who survived are helping this community heal. katie escaped the rampage without injuries and is now in the maternity ward giving birth to her first child. her husband who was shot in the eye is being treated in the same hospital. >> he's making some improvements, some small steps. but he is -- he's not anywhere near out of the woods. >> reporter: christina was shot in the knee during the attack. her good friend was killed. several members of the denver broncos visited her in the hospital. >> any moment people take out of their day to spend with me means something. >> reporter:
Jul 31, 2012 12:00pm EDT
is attempt to roll back a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is vowing to defeat that legislation. >>> a tractor-trailer hauling produce overturned and left cucumbers and other food scattered on the roadway near the van doren street exit. the accident tied up traffic in the area. the truckdriver was traveling with his son in the vehicle. >> we were inside the trailer that flipped on its side. i guess something hit the red car that ran into this green truck, and it hit us, and we swerved out of control and flipped on our side, and everything pretty much fell over from there. >> the tractor-trailer was hauling food to new jersey. two people are being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver of the car that caused the accident has been charged with making an improper lane change. >>> a minor earthquake rattled louisiana -- louisa county in virginia this morning. a 2.4-magnitude earthquake hit around 12:45 this morning. the epicenter was about 80 miles southwest of washington. the region has experienced dozens of aftershocks since a 5.8
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6